Black Women, Transgenerational Trauma, and Mental Health

Portrait of Atim Eneida George
Monday, March 29, 2021
Virtual: Zoom

Atim Eneida George, Ph.D.

Course Description:
Designed for Discovery@UCSB transfer students, this thought- provoking course is designed to explore critical issues of both historical and contemporary import regarding Black Women, Transgenerational Trauma and Mental Health.  In the process, the course probes racism and sexism as overlapping systems of social control which place the lives of Black women at greater risk for exposure to multiple traumatic experiences. We will also study culturally-relevant therapeutic practices employed to address systemic trauma. It is important to know up front that this course will require a willingness to confront the realities of a painful and ugly past in order to create paths toward healing and reconciliation. This synchronous course will be offered in the Spring Quarter 2021.

More information coming soon.