Symposium on Diverse Epistemologies in STEM: Nexus between Agricultural Production and Food & Income Security

Friday, December 2, 2022

Join us in welcoming our third speaker of our speaker series on diverse epistemologies in STEM, Dr. Ronald Gordon! Dr. Gordon is a food and resource economist with comprehensive economic and policy experience as well as analytical skills that are derived from an extensive employment background within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Dr. Gordon is currently a courtesy professor associated with the Food and Resource Economics Department of the University of Florida and an independent consultant.

"Food and income security are worldwide concerns, which are addressed in different ways at various levels, by individuals and households; communities and local governments; as well as state, regional and national governments. Across all these entities, the goals of the strengthening of food security and growth in household income security are important matters that impact the overall welfare of individuals, communities, and the populace. Within the context that the motivation for agricultural production is trade, the presentation first examines issues vital to facilitating domestic or foreign trade in agricultural (including fisheries) goods. The nexus is established between the indigenous knowledge of the primary producer and contemporary technology developed through academic research. The presentation then discusses a diversity of global experiences, in which a studied approach drawing inter alia upon indigenous knowledge and collaboration among partners, served to enhance food and nutritional security and ultimately income security of target populations. It concludes with references to possible interdisciplinary approaches to the enhancement of the food and income security pertaining to some Santa Barbara agricultural enterprises."

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