Symposium on Diverse Epistemologies in STEM: A Southern Arapaho's Experience in Higher Education

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Join us in welcoming Mr. Charles Sleeper, B.S. in Computer Science with an interest in High Performance Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.

"The Southern Arapaho people have, throughout time, always stressed the importance of education and having a better understanding of our world. Whether that education comes from learning through our elders, our time in school, or through experience in life. In this talk I hope to share my experience in higher education and how my people's knowledge has come to help me in academia."

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 

"Native American Heritage Month is a time to reflect and remember all of the various experiences and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. We as native peoples share a common experience with dealing with the traumas of colonization from that time to now. It is our duty to keep our traditions and culture alive so that we can pass on our identity, knowledge and livelihoods to those who are not yet born in this world. It is through higher education that we as native peoples may achieve new found success and restore our abilities not only to persevere but to thrive in this ever changing modern world." - Mr. Charles Sleeper

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