Transformative Ethnic Studies, Research, and Schools: The New Movement

Friday, February 14, 2020
Center for Black Studies Research, South Hall 4603, UCSB

This talk draws from Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools (Sleeter & Zavala, Teachers College Press, Feb. 2020). Sleeter traces ethnic studies and multicultural education as both emerged in the context of the Civil Rights movement, then roots of today’s ethnic studies in schools. After sharing two examples (Black Studies in a high school in Columbia, Missouri; 9th grade Ethnic Studies in San Francisco), she synthesizes the most current research findings on its impact on students, particularly students of color. She concludes with observations about research as a tool for advancing and advocating for ethnic studies.

Christine Sleeter is Professor Emerita in the College of Education at California State University Monterey Bay, where she was a founding faculty member. She is past President of the National Association for Multicultural Education. She has published 23 books and over 150 articles focusing on anti-racist multicultural education, ethnic studies, and teacher education.

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