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June Betancourt

June Betancourt

Administrator, Psychology
Portrait of Hilary Campbell

Hilary Campbell

IChange Quantitative Lead
Portrait of Dan Conroy-Beam

Dan Conroy-Beam

Professor, Psychology
Portrait of Elizabeth Jensen

Elizabeth Jensen

Co-Lead of iChange, Bio-Engineering

Yolanda Luo

Staff Member, Other
Portrait of Dana Mastro

Dana Mastro

Administrator, Psychology
Portrait of Angela Pitenis

Angela Pitenis

Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences
Portrait of Beth Pruitt

Beth Pruitt

Director of Biological Engineering, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Biological Engineering
Portrait of Leila Rupp

Leila Rupp

Professor, Social Sciences
Portrait of Timothy Sherwood

Timothy Sherwood

CBSR Advisory Council Member; SEEDS Mentor 2021-2023; SEEDS Presenter; CBSR Affiliated Faculty; Professor, Department of Computer Science
Portrait of Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart

CBSR Affiliated Faculty; Co-Lead of IChange; Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Professor, Department of Black Studies
Portrait of Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart

Chief Administrative Officer, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

Sharon Tettegah

CBSR Director; Lead of iChange; SEEDS Mentor 2021-2023; Professor, Department of Black Studies; Faculty Affiliate, Department of Computer Science

Kim Yasuda

CBSR Affiliated Faculty; Professor, Department of Art