Joaquin Noguera

Portrait of Joaquin Noguera
Brilliance Mentor 2022-2023; SEEDS Guide 2021-2022; CBSR Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-2023

Dr. Joaquin Noguera is a former social worker, K-12 teacher, school leader, and director of an international youth leadership institute dedicated to serving Black and Latinx youth through community activism and international travel. He is also a consultant and coach to schools, districts, educators and other learning organizations throughout the country. As a consultant, he works in a variety of capacities to support the development and improvement of learning systems, structures, practices and processes – through strategic planning, vision and mission development and alignment, leadership coaching, in-class engagement support, evaluation and organizational review, curriculum design, workshops and trainings, and as a thinking partner - typically with a focus on equity, social justice and healing.