Brilliance Program: The CBSR Research Mentorship Program in the Humanities and Arts

This research opportunity allows UCSB undergraduates to work with faculty in the Arts & Humanities in order to acquire valuable training in how researchers develop original claims around complex questions. Scholarship in the Black Humanities and Arts investigates the brilliance, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of Black cultures across fields of inquiry. Accepted scholars will work with current, on-going faculty research projects. Projects provide mentoring in interdisciplinary scholarship and training in research methods. Elective credit for an Independent Study is available in the Department of the faculty mentor. 


↠ Provide students with access to the University research mission

↠ Help students understand how new questions, theories, and revelations are formed

↠ Train students in how to do research to pursue questions in Black Studies

↠ Provide students access to faculty knowledge in small group settings 

↠ Give students the opportunity to contribute useful materials to mentors

Our team includes: 


↠ Stephanie Batiste, PhD., English

↠ Chris McAuley, PhD., Black Studies

↠ Eileen Boris, PhD., Feminist Studies

↠ Joaquin Noguera, PhD., Black Studies

↠ Terrance Wooten, PhD., Black Studies 

↠ Roberto Strongman, PhD., Black Studies

The application is currently closed.