"Rethinking Resilience" with Dr. Stacey Doan 6/10/24

CBSR Podcast, Episode 5 - Dr. Ebenezer Larnyo

Imagination: A Bridge to a Brighter Future in the Age of Artificial Intelligence with Anatola Araba 3/5/2024

Black History Month "Ethnographic Portrait of the Criminal Legal System" Conference - Director Welcome 2/29-3/1/2024

CBSR Podcast, Episode 4 - Byron Johnson

CBSR Podcast, Episode 3 - Dr. Faithe J. Day

CBSR Podcast, Episode 2 - Dr. Jean Beaman

"Healing Healers Heal" with Dr. Della V. Mosley 11/6/2023

"Inviting Diverse Perspectives in Engineering Solutions" with Dr. Manu Platt 10/24/2023

CBSR Podcast, Episode 1 - Pilot

Live and Lives Symposium "Between Languages: The Modular Typography of Dardja on Social Media" with Dr. Iman Djouini 05/24/2023

Live and Lives Symposium "SpacesBetween on Feeling, Trauma, and Embodied Knowledge" with Dr. Stephanie Batiste 05/08/2023

Live and Lives Symposium "Towards a Black Epistemological Literacy Education" with Dr. Alice Lee 04/24/2023

Live and Lives Symposium "Augmented Intelligence in the Global Age: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning and Work" with Dr. Daniel Araya 04/12/23

Live and Lives Symposium "Mending a Broken Biology: Human Diversity, Disinformation, and a New Way Forward" with Dr. Brandon Ogbunu 03/23/2023

Live and Lives Symposium "#CryptoCrochet: A tactile introduction to mathematics and computing" with Dr.'s Bryant and Portia York 03/03/2023

"Race in Mind: A Sufficiency Test of the Alliance Hypothesis of Race" with Dr. Dan Conroy-Beam 02/27/2023

LIVE AND LIVES SYMPOSIUM "Beyond Perpetrators: Black Men Against Sexual Violence and the Genealogy of Prison Abolition" with Dr. Terrance Wooten 04/16/2023

Live and Lives Symposium "Black Womanist Theory, Method, and Praxis for Revolutionary-Revelation Writing" with Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke 02/06/2023

LIVEandLIVES Symposium "Herbalism and Decolonization" with Taylor Jackson Workshop 1/25/2023

LIVEandLIVES Symposium "Black Epistemologies: Creating New Worlds" with Taylor Jackson 12/19/2022

LIVEandLIVES Symposium "Nexus Between Agricultural Production and Food and Income Security" with Dr. Ronald Gordon 12/2/2022

LIVEandLIVES Symposium "A Southern Arapaho's Experience in Higher Education" with Charles Sleeper 11/17/2022

LIVEandLIVES Symposium "Understanding Nanda-Gikendan as an Indian Country Researcher" with Dr. Stephanie Masta 11/2/2022

UCSB CBSR Postdoctoral Research Presentations 05/23/2022

UCSB Data Science Summit Keynote 12/3/2021: Dr. Sharon Tettegah

UCSB CBSR Homage to Dr. Linda James Myers

UCSB CBSR Homage to Dr. William E Cross Jr.

UCSB CBSR Fellow Presentation: Dr. Jefferey Stewart

UCSB CBSR Fellow Presentation: Dr. Jean Beaman

UCSB CBSR Fellows Presentations: With Fellows Dr. Joaquin Noguera and Dr. Michael Dzordzormenyoh

UCSB CBSR Fellows Presentations: With Fellows Nia Flowers and Dr. Atim George

COVID California: Diabetes is Just a Struggle with Dr. Idethia Harvey

CBSR Faculty Fellow's Presentation: Black Digital Devotions with Dr. Roberto Strongman

Intersectional Justice In California: COVID-19 Inequalities on the Frontlines. The Public Health Response to Multiple Crisis with Dr. Van Do-Reynoso

Anti-Blackness &Technology: Safiya Umoja Noble, Ruha Benjamin, Andre’ Brock, and Charlton McIlwain


UCSB CBSR Townhall with interpreter overlay (until 1:25:00)

Beyond the Oral: Expanding Africana Epistemology with VOAK by Dr. Funlayo E. Wood Menzies

Covid in California, An African American Nurse Practitioner's Perspective with Pattye Anderson, FNP