Michael Kwame Dzordzormenyoh

Portrait of Michael Kwame Dzordzormenyoh
CBSR Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020-2021

Dr. Dzordzormenyoh is a Political Scientist and an interdisciplinary researcher. His research seeks to examine the connection between leadership and the development and administration of public policy to understand its impact on citizens, specifically minorities, in the United States and in Ghana, West Africa. His research explores access to healthcare through Medicaid for African Americans in the U.S. His current work as a postdoctoral scholar focuses on access to healthcare through Medicaid, further examines the variations in access for Medicaid recipients in relation to three types of Healthcare: (1) access to physicians, (2) access to basic healthcare and (3) access to specialized healthcare. He is also currently studying the importance of the "Year of Return" initiative by Ghana, West Africa to attract African Americans to embark on their birth-right journey to Ghana and Africa in efforts to unite Africans and African Americans in the diaspora. Dr. Dzordzormenyoh hopes to use his research and knowledge to help shape government policies regarding the respect for human beings, civil rights, and sensible care of our country's resources.